Referee Information

Referee Assignors
If interested in refereeing for BYSL (Jr. High or U12), in our local Adult league (IFASA), and/or our High School league (IHSAA District        VI), please contact the following referee assignors:BYSL (U10, U12, & Jr. High): Shel Williams, (208) 552-2494Adult or High School: Chuck Raines, (208) 520-5742Or check out
Referee Pay Schedule for BYSL Matches
U17-U19 U13-U16 U11-12 Comments
Center $41.00 AR $22.00 Center $34.00 AR $17.00 Center $19.00 AR $12.00 w/current Certification
SRSOA Meetings
Snake River Soccer Officials Association (SRSOA) meets the second        Tuesday of every monthCheck out SRSOA.ORG for more details.When: 8:00 PMWhere: Idaho Falls Parks & Rec Activity Center (1575 N. Skyline), west side of Skyline Drive, before the airport).It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can.        Even the most experienced refs learn    something from every meeting.



The United States Soccer Federation Standards of Dress and Appearance are part of being and looking like a professional while serving in the role of a Referee, Assistant Referee and/or Fourth Official.  These standards are NOT optional.  Although I do understand and empathize with the idea that being properly dressed is directly proportional to being able to pay for these uniform items, this excuse can only carry you so far.

The basic compulsory equipment is as follows: 

Gold Shirt w/ black pin stripes (long or short sleeve), w/ black collar. Other jersey colors that are authorized are: black, red, blue, and green. The crew is expected to wear all the same color and all the same sleeve length.

The under garment (if warn) shall be BLACK.  I have seen too many hot pink, neon green, and various other color t-shirts and under garments.  These are not acceptable. This is also true for those officials wearing compression shorts.  The compression shorts will be BLACK. I strongly encourage you to not wear a long sleeve under garment with a short sleeve referee jersey.  It looks sloppy and unprofessional.  However, if you must do so, wear a BLACK under garment. 

All matches that are under the jurisdiction of the United States Soccer Federation are required to be officiated by Referee, two Assistant Referees, and where appointed, a fourth official with the current year badge.  If you do not have a current year badge, then you shall not wear a badge.  If you are officiating a match that is not under the jurisdiction of US Soccer, then you shall wear the badge of that affiliate or no badge at all. 

Black Shorts.  This one has caused me a bit of strife as of late.  Being a referee is NOT A FASHION CONTEST!  Men wearing shorts that long and sloppy is not acceptable.  Conversely, women wearing shorts that are very short and very tight are also not acceptable.  The Standards of Dress and Appearance are very clear:

Bottom edge of the shorts not less than 3 nor more than 7 inches above the top of the knee cap.  Men, I don’t want to see the waist band of your shorts “riding low” and women, I don’t want to see you rolling your waist band so as to expose more of your legs.  We all wear a uniform and by definition a uniform is something that makes us look the same.  Wear it properly, wear it modestly, and remember, it is not a fashion contest. 

Black socks with three white stripes or black socks with two white stripes and the U.S. Soccer Logo.  Pull the socks UP to just below your knee cap. 

Shoes should be predominately black.  Manufacturers logo may be white or some other color, but the primary color of the shoe and laces shall be black. Wearing your Adidas F50 Neon Green or other “loud” colors is not acceptable.


Again, the complaint that this stuff is expensive and you can’t afford it will not take you very far.

Going back to the idea of the Adidas F50’s, those cost $150 – $220. A modest pair of Adidas Mundial turf shoes will cost you $85.00

Here are the “Official” Standards_of_Dress_and_Appearance 

Below is a link to that reference online.


Thou Shalt not wear: 

Hats, sun glasses, jewelry (except for a watch)

Be advised that the referee shall not wear jewelry is not a request by Peter Stilling.

That is a statement of FIFA LAW. 

Law 4 – The Players’ Equipment – Interpretations – Page 70

“Referees are also prohibited from wearing jewelry (except for a watch or similar device for timing the match).” 

Peter Stilling 

USSF Emeritus National Referee
USSF State Instructor and USSF State Assessor
443 E 1st North
Rexburg, ID 83440
cell: 208.313.0945 (Text Acceptable)

Social Networks: FB, G+, Twitter, FourSquare
IM: FB, GTalk, Skype



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