BYSL runs and participates in a number of programs designed to give kids of all ages an opportunity to play soccer.

Coach Training - 4 March 2014For the youngest kids (U5-U10) BYSL offers a Youth Development Program.  The YDP uses “small sided games” which are designed to give each child maximum opportunities for touches on the ball. Kids participate in a Jamboree and then are divided into teams for the season. The YPD has a fall and spring season.

BYSL offers a Transitional Program (U11-U12) which is designed to be the bridge between the YDP and the more competitive Jr. High/Club programs. The U12 program has a fall and spring season.

Revolution U14 Girls (Independent)
Revolution U14 Girls (Independent)

Each Fall, BYSL offers a Junior High Program (U13-U15). This includes 7th graders, 8th graders and 9th graders who do not make their High School team.  Local BYSL teams play against other teams up and down the Snake River Valley in a League run by BYSL.

BYSL supports the fall High School Programs (U15-U19), but does not operate its own program.  BYSL encourages players to tryout for their local High School.

Each Spring, BYSL offers a Club Program (U13-U19). Club teams and other independent teams from the Idaho Falls area, participate in the Snake River League and also participate in various tournaments both within and outside of the State of Idaho.

BYSL also supports the YMCA’s soccer program, which includes indoor soccer leagues in the Winter and outdoor soccer leagues in the Summer.


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